[Datashot] San Francisco Bay Area Waze Alerts

The only thing aesthetically accurate about this map is the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Mapped dataset of 1 week of Waze user-reported alerts; the darker the shade, the more alerts in that location © OpenStreetMap contributors ©CartoDB

In a lovely spectrum of color that suitably includes Niners Red and Giants Orange, we have a week’s worth of Waze User-reported Incident and Alert data for the majority of the Bay Area, mapped to the location where the report was made.

In order of largest number of reports to smallest, the reports include Traffic, Road Hazards (construction, pot holes, objects in road) and Accidents. There are very few reports of weather (April in the Bay Area isn’t really known for severe weather), but if you know anything about San Francisco you can probably guess which alert is most popular.

Even if you knew nothing about the Bay Area or San Francisco, it’s pretty clear where the major commuting routes and where the concentration of the workforce travels. Here are some of the darkest areas:

  • CA Highway 101, the major route between the city of San Francisco and Silicon Valley (which locals refer to “The South Bay”)
  • The Financial and SOMA Districts of San Francisco
  • The stretch of I-80 between Richmond and Oakland
  • The San Francisco Bay Bridge wins “most alerts”, which is well-deserved with over 250,000 vehicles crossing that bridge per day.
  • I-580, I-680, I-280, I-80- basically if you’re on an interstate in this region that includes “80” for long enough, you’re going to hit traffic and other road hazards. But don’t forget: if you’re driving south, eventually that traffic disappears completely. But you have to get past San Jose first.

Something to note- we didn’t map the alerts to specific roads or alter the number or opacity. All we did was map the alerts according to their Latitude and Longitude, and they managed to trace every major highway in the region, even when surrounded with other high congestion areas.

Data is beautiful.